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dsi-vs-iphone-grudge-match-20090409042528317_1241222295Matt Casamassina has created a top ten list of reasons why iPhone will make a big move into gaming. iPhonAsia can add a few items to Matt’s list. For one, Apple recently hired Richard Teversham away from Microsoft’s Xbox division. And earlier this week Apple hired Bob Drebin, chief technologist at Advanced Micro Device’s graphics group and the creator of Nintendo Gamecube’s graphics processor. Apple has also been building up its internal chip design team and now has chip designer Mark Papermaster running the Devices Hardware

as of 09/09/09

as of 09/09/09

Engineering unit. Apple has also been transitioning the Mac platform to NVIDIA graphics chips, ideal for gaming. iPhone OS 3.0 is very game friendly and enables “in app” purchase + integration with hardware devices. Finally, there has been plenty of buzz about Apple developing an could-this-become-the-new-iphone-tabletiTablet device that may make its debut in late 2009. The iPhone and iPod Touch are already very capable gaming devices. Toss in a new iTablet with a vibrant 9.6 inch screen, and you can see how Apple could launch an “all-fronts” assault on the handheld gaming market.

picture-11Read Matt Casamassina’s full article 10 Reasons Nintendo Should Fear iPhone and iPod Touch > HERE

10. It’s a Gaming Trojan Horse

9. It Really Does Fit Into Your Pocket

8. It’s Always Connected

7. The App Store Kicks DSiWare’s Ass

6. Games Are Cheap and Upgradeabl

5. No Stylus Necessary

4. More Power, More Storage, More Access

3. Rumors of Premium Games Around the Corner

2. Developers — Both Big and Small — Love It

1. New iPhones and the Promise of Buttons and D-Pad

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