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Thank you Steve for your courage, conviction, vision, brilliance and perseverance. You impacted the lives of untold millions and your legacy will echo in eternity.

6 Responses to “Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011”

  1. atterobay says:

    And even the write-up of “Here’s for the crazy ones”

  2. atterobay says:

    And we are inspired by his quote Stay hungry and stay foolish

  3. atterobay says:

    And not to mention – he has given design a new meaning :)

  4. atterobay says:

    Steve still inspires us!!…Take a bow man

  5. Used Mobile says:

    The eulogy by Job’s sister was so insightfull!!

  6. PriceShred says:

    Steve Jobs has been a great inspiration for many minds. He has taught the world the power of ‘simplicity’

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